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Wireless mobile technologies have been transforming our lives for the better for more than 25 years in Canada. Wireless keeps our friends and families better connected, increases business productivity and provides jobs and prosperity, and is a valuable tool in keeping our communities safe and secure. Right now, more than 25 million Canadians are cell phone subscribers.

To improve usability for those of us with sensory or physical limitations, wireless devices have features for accessibility, which are continually improving and becoming more prevalent as technologies advance.

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI), developed by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), is a project designed to help consumers learn more about the various accessibility features of mobile devices and to help them identify those with the features that may assist them with their particular needs.

Canada’s wireless telecommunications industry has partnered with the MMF to create this Web site where you can find more information about particular device features and how they might be of assistance. When you are ready to search for a mobile device that might suit your needs best, just click on the “Find Devices” link in the navigation bar above to begin your search.

The Wireless Code and your rights as a Canadian wireless consumer